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ONDRI investigator projects

brain scan side.jpgRead about some of the projects ONDRI's clinicians and researchers are working on outside of ONDRI:


OBI AxON shows connections

OBI AxON.pngBrains are powered by connections, and building connections is how the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) is making neuroscience research work for Ontario.

AxON (Atlas of Ontario Neuroscience) shows the hundreds of connections that OBI has fostered in Ontario’s neuroscience community.


Meet: Carmela Tartaglia, Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Co-lead

What is your hope for the future in your area of focus?

To find a way to detect disease at an early stage where we could intervene.

Why did you choose your profession?

I love investigating what aspects of our brains make us the social beings we are.


Queen's Park Day

In September, the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) assembled Ontario's brain power at Queen’s Park.

The day showcased OBI’s work that has positioned Ontario as a world leader in brain research, commercialization and care.


Media: From inquiry to insight with Dr. Michael Strong

Michael Strong ALS.jpg








Dr. Strong talks about his research on ALS from the early days to now with ONDRI.


ONDRI investigator projects

brain scan side.jpgRead about some of the projects ONDRI's clinicians and researchers are working on outside of ONDRI.


Meet: Jane Lawrence-Dewar, Neuroscientist

Jane Lawrence Dewar.jpgWhy did you choose your profession?

I've always been interested in neuroscience. Even my middle school science fair projects were all neuro-focused. I thought I would be on a more clinical path and during my undergraduate studies I was thinking of rehabilitative medicine. But, during my third year of undergrad I missed my bus and decided to stop by a career fair at the University of Winnipeg. It was there that I met an MRI physicist from the National Research Council - Institute for Biodiagnostics and ended up with a summer job that would start my interest in fMRI and pursuing graduate school.


New OBI website

obi new website.pngOBI has a new look.

Find the information that's important to you faster.

OBI redesigned and rebuilt their website to make it easier for you to find information on what's happening at OBI. Check out the new website to learn more about OBI supported research, activities, programs and events.



Derek Beaton wins Organization for Human Brain Mapping award

Derek Beaton.jpgCongratulations to Derek Beaton, ONDRI Scholar, for winning the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) 2017 Merit Award, which is awarded to the highest-scoring abstracts first-authored by trainees.

Derek's poster is about his research with ONDRI. His work focuses on multi-modal data and multivariate analyses (e.g., neuropsychological and neuroimaging data).



New ONDRI Publication Policy released

The updated ONDRI Publication Policy (v.5) and ONDRI proposal template have been released, and are located in the Brain-CODE file repository (Brain-CODE > File Repository > ONDRI Management > Publications Committee).


ONDRI Annual Report 2016 - 2017

2016-2017 annual report cover..JPGThe Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI) Annual Report presents a comprehensive overview of the successes ONDRI has achieved from April 2016 to March 2017.

Read the Annual Report 2016 - 2017.

Read all ONDRI reports.


Media: Boost your brain fitness this summer

brain fitness.jpgRead tips from ONDRI, Ontario Brain Institute and the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science about how to boost your brain fitness this summer.

Here are ideas to help people of all ages keep their brains engaged this summer:


ONDRI project management team changes

Alicia Peltsch_0.jpgDonna Kwan 2.jpgNow that we have completed our initial enrollment phase, the immediate human resource needs within ONDRI are evolving. Our exclusive focus for the past four years has been "getting data into Brain-CODE" and now our attention turns to "getting data out of Brain-CODE."

The project management team will focus on retention of participants to ensure maximum participation in annual follow up visits, and analysis of baseline data. To achieve the first goal, the Clinical Research Managers (CRM) and site research coordinators will continue on with their excellent work ensuring participants remain in the study. To achieve the second goal, human resources have been adjusted to facilitate data curation and analysis.

New ONDRI publication policy

We thank Drs. Michael Borrie, Doug Munoz, and Stephen Strothers for their time and effort on this committee, as they move on to many other roles within ONDRI. Also, Dr. Mario Masellis will now switch to an ex-officio role on this committee as our main liaison to the ONDRI Executive Committee.

Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi will be the new chair and we welcome Drs. Malcolm Binns, Ying Chen, and Carmela Tartaglia to our committee. We're also happy to announce that ONDRI officially appointed Dr. Alicia Peltsch to support and operationalize our committee.

A new publication policy was created to highlights the proposal submission and approval process.