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Meet: Dr. David Munoz

David Munoz photo.jpgWhat’s your role with ONDRI?
I’m leading the neuropathology program based out of St. Michael’s Hospital.

Did you ever consider another profession?  
I did consider becoming a biologist or journalist but I’ve always been more interested in living things and the unique features of humans. I was actually trained as a neurologist before I went into neuropathology.


Dr. Rob Hegele re-appointed to Research Chair in Human Gene Function

Rob Hegele photo in lab.PNGDr. Rob Hegele, Genomics Lead, ONDRI and Distinguished University Professor, Departments of Medicine (Division of Endocrinology) has been re-appointed to the position of the Jacob J. Wolfe Distinguished Medical Research Chair in Human Gene Function.


ONDRI Scientific Retreat recap

Discussions included the order of publication submissions, journal submission strategies, data sharing and patient flow, and preliminary analysis.


It's Stroke Awareness Month

June is Stroke Awareness Month.

Learn how you can help spread the word: Heart and Stroke Foundation and Twitter.

2015 06 Rick Swartz stroke month 2.PNG


Meet: Brad Pugh

Brad Pugh photo.jpgWhy is working with ONDRI important to you?

I’ve always had a fascination with the brain, how it works, and what happens when something isn’t working quite right. The path to dementia is difficult, no matter how one gets there.

ONDRI is important to me because in some small way, I can contribute to this field.


It's ALS Awareness Month

June is ALS Awareness Month.

Learn how you can help spread the word: ALS Canada and Twitter.

Lorne Zinman ALS month.PNG