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ONDRI annual workshop a success

Thank you for making our October workshop a success. Review the presentations and share your thoughts in a short survey.

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Meet: Dr. Andrew Frank, Recruiting Clinician

Andrew Frank - Copy_0.jpgWhat is you hope for ONDRI?

I look forward to the results of ONDRI and other research, so that we’ll be able to diagnose neurodegeneration early and accurately, with a collection of reliable biomarkers. Then, we’ll target effective therapies to those who will benefit the most. One day, I hope the suffering of Alzheimer's disease will be lifted.


Lessons from Life, Lobotomies and Lies with Dr. Don Stuss

Donald Stuss.pngHear Dr. Don Stuss unravel the mysteries of the brain. Through cases of mistaken identity, skewed perception and astonishing recovery, he'll dive into the organ that allows us to experience life as we know it. Register for the free public talk on November 10.


Ontario Brain Institute's new President and Scientific Director

Tom Mikkelsen - Copy.jpgDr. Tom Mikkelsen brings a wealth of international brain tumour and clinical trial experience including assembling the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital.


Apply to have your not-for-profit program evaluated by OBI

children playing.pngHelp spread the word that brain health not-for-profits can apply to have their programs evaluated by OBI. Watch a video about the program and apply by November 9.