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New OBI informatics governance policies

brain-code-logo.jpgLast year, the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) recognized the need to update its informatics governance policies to clarify governance processes particularly relevant for data sharing purposes. In October 2015, OBI invited the Integrated Discovery Programs to nominate two investigators from each program to review and provide feedback on the revised draft of the Informatics Governance Policies.

The new OBI Informatics Governance Policies (version 2.0) are now online and in effect.


Meet: Dr. Sean Symons, Imaging Co-lead

Sean Symons.JPGWhen I started working as a resident, the scan slices were a centimeter thick and you received a total of 20 images per scan per person. Now, we can get more than 2,000 images per scan because we often scan each slice at 1 millimeter or less resolution.

It’s a challenge now to look at the all the images but it helps accuracy. Since more subtle abnormalities are being picked up, you have to judge whether they are serious or just incidental. Before, with a centimeter slice, if you saw something you knew it was abnormal but now you see all kinds of little dots and you have to make a judgment call.


Congratulations Shalane Basque and the neuropsychology team

Congratulations to J.B. Orange's, ONDRI Neuropsychology Co-lead,  MSc student, Shalane Basque, for winning the Best Poster award at this year's Faculty of Health Sciences, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Program Research Day at Western University.

The poster showcased her work with the ONDRI neuropsychology platform, specifically the transcription and coding of the language data.


Credit for participant transfers

two arrows.JPGPlease review the ONDRI guidelines for enrollment numbers and funding for participants that transfer sites and/or disease themes.


Dr. Pasternak receives Collaborative Research Seed Grant

Stephen Pasternak.jpgCongratulations to Dr. Stephen Pasternak for receiving a Collaborative Research Seed Grant (CRSG) from the recent competition. Dr. Pasternak will also be collaborating Dr. Elizabeth Finger and Dr. Michael Borrie from ONDRI.

Focus: Brain Microparticles from Plasma: Non-Invasive “Brain Biopsies” for Improved Neurological Diagnosis


Media: Dr. Mandzia's stellar post-stroke care

Jennifer Mandzia - Copy.jpgRead about a patient experiencing stellar care at University Hospital from Dr. Jennifer Mandzia's and her team.

The patient says they're now a "walking, talking miracle."



Women's brain health receives funding

CIHR logo.pngThe Posluns Family Foundation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), and The Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC) will fund the first research initiative of its kind in Canada under the title of the Wilfred and Joyce Posluns Chair in Women's Brain Health and Aging.


VCI enrollment complete in Ottawa

25 out of 25.JPGCongratulations to the vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) team in Ottawa for being the one of the first ONDRI sites to complete their participant enrollment.

See current ONDRI participant enrollment by location and disease.


Video: ONDRI neuroimaging assessment process

Watch the latest ONDRI video to learn more. Watch all our videos on YouTube.