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New ONDRI participant newsletter

2016 Fall ONDRI Participants Newsletter Small.jpgONDRI created a new newsletter specifically for ONDRI participants and their care partners. The goal of the newsletter is the update participants on ONDRI's progress.

Participants will receive a paper copy of the newsletter at the clinics when they have their follow up visits.


Coordinators: Tips to comfortably complete ONDRI assessments

neuropsychology assessment.PNGThe ONDRI research coordinators are vital to the success of ONDRI and have the most challenging role in the study – to ensure data integrity while maintaining the dignity and comfort of our participants. As data collection continues, their role becomes even more difficult to fulfill.

There are many simple tips to help comfortably complete ONDRI assessments revolving around anticipation, enthusiasm, time and rate, environment, and monitoring.


Media: Patients demand 'right to try' experimental treatment

right to try logo.JPGRead as Dr. Lorne Zinman comments on the activist group that's using Canada's assisted dying law as the basis for a new proposal, which would grant terminally ill patients the freedom to pursue experimental and untested treatments in a last-ditch effort to stave off their deadly diseases.

He says the law is a good idea, so long as there are some safeguards. "When you get an experimental therapeutics we want to make sure that we're not causing harm," he said. He also stressed the importance of protecting the existing discovery process, in order to maintain the integrity of the process at pharmaceutical companies.


Register: The Many Faces of Dementia

future learn logo.pngRegister for the free online course 'The Many Faces of Dementia' to gain a unique insight into dementia through the stories, symptoms and science behind four less common diagnoses.

Who should register?

Anyone with an an interest in dementia, its effects on people and the brain


Announcing the ONDRI 2.0 aims

ONDRI 2.0 aims.JPGONDRI is deep in the process of writing the proposal for funding renewal to begin the next phase of ONDRI, currently referred to as "ONDRI 2.0."

The focus of ONDRI 2.0 is the complete ONDRI 1.0 and build on the knowledge gained to recruit more participants to complete more accessible assessments.

The proposed focus of ONDRI 2.0 will consist of four aims:


Heart and Stroke: Life. We don't want you to miss it.

heart and stroke.pngThe Heart and Stroke Foundation, one of ONDRI's community advisors,  recently rebranded to focus on: "Life. We don't want you to miss it."

Every 7 minutes a Canadian dies from heart disease and stroke.

So we've reignited our fight. We're working even harder and doing even more. Watch this video to see why this means so much.