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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

Learn how you can help spread the word: Parkinson Canada and Twitter.

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Media: For Alzheimer’s researchers, the glass is half full

glass.jpgRead the Toronto Star article written by Dr. Sandra Black, ONDRI clinician and researcher, talk about her hope for Alzheimer's disease research and how we can harness the power of basic science and clinical data to find treatments.

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Brain Awareness Week videos: March 13 - 19

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In celebration of Brain Awareness Week, the Ontario Brain Institute launched six videos to dispel myths about brain disorders, including neurodegenerative disease.


Media: Bruyère Memory Clinic and Alzheimer's disease

2017 02 Frank CTV.jpgWatch CTV News Ottawa featuring Dr. Andrew Frank, recruiting clinician in Ottawa, talk about the Bruyère Memory Clinic and his research with Alzheimer's disease and ONDRI.

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Media: OBI and ONDRI Public Talk about Dementia

2017 02 CTV Finger.JPGWatch the CTV News clip to see ONDRI clinician researchers Dr. Elizabeth Finger and Dr. Mandar Jog talk about their research and ONDRI.

Drs. Elizabeth Finger, Mandar Jog, and J.B. Orange spoke at the OBI Public Talk about "Dementia Beyond Alzheimer's" in London on February 28. The focus was that other neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease and ALS can also lead to dementia and other cognitive impairments. They walked about how they are re-examining how we speak, think, and move so we can understand, and eventually treat, dementia better.