New ONDRI publication policy

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New ONDRI publication policy

The ONDRI Publication Committee has been going through an update process, including some changes in membership.

We thank Drs. Michael Borrie, Doug Munoz, and Stephen Strothers for their time and effort on this committee, as they move on to many other roles within ONDRI. Also, Dr. Mario Masellis will now switch to an ex-officio role on this committee as our main liaison to the ONDRI Executive Committee.

Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi will be the new chair and we welcome Drs. Malcolm Binns, Ying Chen, and Carmela Tartaglia to our committee. We're also happy to announce that ONDRI officially appointed Dr. Alicia Peltsch to support and operationalize our committee.

A new publication policy was created to highlights the proposal submission and approval process. The goals of the policy and proposal process are to:

a) clarify the availability of relevant data;
b) facilitate access to the data;
c) foster collaborations within ONDRI;
d) ensure the proposal is a fair representation of ONDRI and the contribution of Investigators;
e) offer helpful advice and feedback in a timely manner, and;
f) prevent overlapping proposals.

Over the next 2-3 weeks, the Committee will reach out to those of you who have previously submitted proposals and are either updating them for resubmission, or awaiting a response.

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