ODAG speaks with United Nations about human rights

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ODAG speaks with United Nations about human rights

UN logo.jpgPeople with dementia from around the world are looking to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) to have their rights defined and upheld. Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG), a member of ONDRI's Patient and Community Advisory Committee, and Dementia Alliance International are leading the charge and part of a coalition that's helping to make this happen.

In mid-March, the UN CRPD held a meeting and ODAG's Vice-Chair, Phyllis Fehr, had the opportunity to attend and speak.

People with dementia and supporters are thrilled with this triumph. The ex-Deputy Chair of the CRPD Committee, Diane Kingston, calls it ‘unprecedented.’

With other non-governmental organizations, Fehr spoke and made historical statements on behalf of people living with dementia. Here is a summary of their statements:

Dementia Alliance International, informed that her organization was run by and for people with dementia. The recognition of dementia as a disability was very new, but was being discussed as a policy dimension and a human rights issue. Their goal was to ensure that people with cognitive impairments were treated as persons with other disabilities. The World Health Organization had considered human rights of people, empowerment and accountability as three cross-cutting principles. Those principles reflected the Convention on the Persons of Rights with Disabilities. The Convention was important to people living with dementia, as it helped spell out the practical steps that persons with dementia had the right to enjoy, on an equal footing as others.

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