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Video: ONDRI genomics assessment process

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February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month.

Learn how you can help spread the word: Heart and Stroke Foundation and Twitter.

2016 02 Demetrios Sahlas heart month.JPG


Media: Dr. Strong "Why ALS research is so challenging"

michael strong 2016 01.JPGDr. Michael Strong explains how the freeze on ALS research progress continues despite consistent funding towards a cure.

As Strong described it, the main obstacle in finding an ALS cure is the nature of the disease itself since ALS progresses quickly and varies greatly from one patient to another.


Video: ONDRI gait and balance assessment process

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Dr. Dallas Seitz joins the Dementia Capacity Planning Project

Dallas Seitz_1.jpgCongratulations to Dr. Dallas Seitz,for being welcomed to the Dementia Capacity Planning Project team as the Dementia Capacity Planning Provincial Medical Lead.

The Dementia Capacity Planning Project team is creating a Canadian dementia strategy. Several members of ONDRI and OBI are part of the project.

There are two main focuses: Strategy development and capacity planning. Capacity planning involves building a model so we can plan for what services are needed where.



Media: Dr. Tartaglia talks about Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Carmela Tartaglia Global News 2.JPGWatch the Global News show featuring Dr. Carmela Tartaglia talking about Alzheimer's Awareness Month and the research advances that are being made and what still needs to be accomplished.

Watch now. The clip begins at 14.52 minutes.


FTD enrollment complete at University Health Network

10 out of 10.JPGCongratulations to the frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTD) team at University Health Network in Toronto for completing their enrollment.

Dr. Carmela Tartaglia, FTD co-lead and her team have been working hard and are the first ONDRI site to achieve the milestone of enrolling all ten participants required for their site.

See current ONDRI participant enrollment by location and disease.


Dr. Freedman elected to World Federation of Neurology Education Committee

Morris Freedman.jpgCongratulations to Dr. Morris Freedman for being elected to the World Federation of Neurology Education Committee. Dr. Freedman is the ONDRI Alzheimer’s Disease/Mild Cognitive Impairment Co-lead.

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is a charity in the United Kingdom. Its mission is to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide, a goal which they seek to achieve by promoting global neurological education and training.


Twelve-month follow-up visits on a role

Participants who have completed the neuropsychology assessment

2015 11  neuropsychology 12 month visit.JPG

Media: Could an eye exam diagnose Parkinson's?

Chris Hudson Lab.jpgRead the Maclean's Magazine article featuring ONDRI and Dr. Chris Hudson as he discusses his experience having Parkinson's disease and research about the eyes, Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT), and retinal nerve fibre layer thickness.


Meet: Catarina Downey, Clinical Research Manager

Catarina Downey.JPGWhat are your hobbies?
I love running! Last year I completed my first half-marathon and this year I’m preparing for several races. I’m still getting used to running in the winter in Canada. Running in the treadmill is not the same

Where were you born and raised?
Portugal. I moved to Canada in 2012 to live with my Canadian husband who I met in Asia. I also lived in East-Timor for three years and in The Netherlands for two years.


Welcome Catarina Downey, Clinical Research Manager

Catarina Downey.JPGIt's our pleasure to welcome Catarina Downey to the ONDRI project management team as a Clinical Research Manager.

Many of you may already know Catarina Downey from her most recent role with ONDRI as the ALS Research Coordinator at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.


Meet: Navid Baktash, Research Coordinator

Navid Baktash.jpgI chose this profession because

For me, science is truly the heart of medicine, and innovation and research is what drives medicine forward. What matters the most to me is seeing people improve their health quality, feel happier, and enjoy their lives. There is no other reward that can surmount that. 


Video: ONDRI eye tracking assessment process

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