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4 Prevention Tips for Avoiding Alzheimer's Disease


Ontario Brain Institute Brainnovation Snaphot: Neurodegeneration

biomarker overview.PNG




Biomarkers: Clues to what’s
happening in your body

2015 07 OBI Dementia Impact Infographic - small.jpg

Infographic: Impact of dementia in Ontario (OBI and ICES Report)

HSF Vascular Health Journey.JPG

Healthcare System Journey of
Vascular Patients and Families

HSF Patient Bill of Rights.JPG

Ontario Patient’s Bill of 12 Rights
(Heart and Stroke)

ALS Manual.JPG

A manual for people living with ALS


2016 Stroke Report 2.JPG

2016 Heart and Stroke Report:
Preventing Stroke and Dementia

stroke guide 2.JPG

A guide for people
living with stroke

Alzheimer Society Dementia Journey Cover.JPG

Dementia Journey
(Alzheimer Society)


What is dementia? (video)
How to reduce the risk of dementia
Ways to communicate with someone with dementia
How dementia affects your brain
The many causes of dementia

Physical activity and Alzheimer's disease toolkit

Courtesy of the Ontario Brain Institute and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario
physical_activity_and_ad_pamphlet_pic.jpgPamphlet: Read about the evidence-based benefits of physical activity for older adults, along with suggestions for how to include physical activity into daily life and safety tips for being active.
physical_activity_and_ad_calendar_pic.jpgCalendar: Write down goals and motivations for engaging in physical activity, fill out a weekly calendar for planned activities, and read  advice on what individuals can do if their physical activity plans change.