A Different Approach to Research into Neurodegenerative Disease

Every aspect of ONDRI is multi-dimensional

What makes ONDRI different and unique is its multi-dimensional approach to all aspects of research. ONDRI research is designed to be:

  • Cross-disease*: studying multiple disease at the same time 
  • Cross-platform*: employing the same core assessment protocols, tests and technologies for all participants
  • With data collected at multiple time points

This approach adds complexity. But it allows for new research questions to be asked and explored, questions that are not possible with typical single-disease, single-platform, single-hypothesis design.

ONDRI pairs this research approach with the:

  • Adoption of cutting-edge wearables and other remote patient monitoring technologies. See assessment platform.
  • Validation of data and results through collaboration with other studies – Aim 3
  • Connection to de-identified health system records, which allows potential scale up of research observations – Aim 4
  • Extensive quality assurance/quality control data standards. See QA/QC software.
  • Focus on training new talent. Meet ONDRI researchers.
  • Highly integrated lived experience feedback. Learn about ONDRI’s Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC).
  • Power of OBI’s neuroinformatics platform Brain-CODE.