Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network

Dr. Anthony Vaccarino is Director of Clinical Research at Indoc Research where he oversees research programs, including the design, analysis and execution of clinical trials. Prior to joining the team, he was with the International Society for Central Nervous System (CNS) Drug Development; a non-profit independent society focused on addressing scientific challenges in drug development. He has held positions as full professor at the University of New Orleans and the Louisiana State University Neuroscience Center, where he oversaw federally-funded research programs examining the psychological and physiological organization of pain processes and addiction, and served as Chair of the Institutional Research Ethics Board.

He’s also served as Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Preclinical Development for pharmaceutical start-ups, where he oversaw the development of novel patented CNS compounds that have resulted in clinical candidates for pain, depression and anxiety. He received his PhD from McGill University and was an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in neurosciences at University of California, Los Angeles.