Bilingualism in Parkinson’s disease: Relationship to cognition and quality of life

April 2021
Journal: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology
Lead Author: Keera N. Fishman

All Authors: Keera N. Fishman, Angela C. Roberts, J. B. Orange, Kelly M. Sunderland, Connie Marras, Brian Tan, Thomas Steeves, Donna Kwan, Anthony E. Lang, David Grimes, Brian Levine, Mario Masellis, Malcolm A. Binns, Mandar Jog, Stephen C. Strother, ONDRI Investigators, Paula M. McLaughlin & Angela K. Troyer

It has long been believed that speaking more than one language on a regular basis may help boost brain function and possibly preserve the brain as it ages. This ONDRI study was designed to help determine whether bilingualism is associated with cognitive advantages or better wellbeing in Parkinson’s disease (PD).