The big surprise of volunteering

Shelley, a care partner to her mother who is living with dementia, and a member of ONDRI’s Patient & Community Advisory Committee, reflects on the act of volunteering, and what it has contributed to her life.

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ONDRI Scholars leveraging learning for continued career success

You’re at an early stage of your career and the world is full of possibilities. You may be particularly interested in certain aspects of both your educational and work experience; or you may not yet be sure what area to hone in on or to specialize in. You want to keep...

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Your Sleep Need May be Driven by Poor Drainage of Brain Waste

Sleep is a crucial part of our health and wellbeing. Not only do we feel rested after a good night’s sleep, but behind the scenes, important functions are taking place which help keep us healthy. Our brain clears out the day’s metabolic waste while we sleep. Blockage in the perivascular spaces, through which the waste flows, may mean we sleep longer, to make up for it.

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Improved Diagnostic Tool Also Honours Contribution of Study Participants

ONDRI researchers Miracle Ozzoude, Dr. Joel Ramirez and colleagues have devised methods that substantially improve accuracy of cortical thickness measures. This work also provides measures of cortical thinness in patients with focal stroke and extreme white matter disease, which could not have been done prior to their work.

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Getting Back to the Future: My First Decade of Living with Parkinson’s Disease (part one)

Part 1 – Life on the Couch: Diagnosis to Despair I have always liked Michael J. Fox. On my first trip to the United States, after seeing him in “Back to the Future”, I was determined to find those same red striped, white leather Nike sneakers, as well as a pair Original 501 Levi’s that his character, Marty McFly, wore in the movie. I returned to South Africa successful on that shopping spree.

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Foundational to ONDRI’s Research: The Patient & Community Advisory Committee

The Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) is a collection of motivated volunteers who embody ONDRI’s cross-disease research: people with lived experience, including care partners; representatives from the charity/advocacy groups of the ONDRI community; associated clinicians; along with ONDRI and Ontario Brain Institute delegates.

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