Care Partner Resources

At ONDRI, we are always thinking about our community – people living with dementia, neurodegenerative diseases, and the effects of stroke, along with those who care for them and work on their behalf.

With that in mind, we have curated a selection of resources targeted for self care and the care partner. These resources are designed to help you gain knowledge, try to keep healthy and connect with others.

Please find some resources below in the form of targeted articles, videos, events, organizations and links that we hope are helpful at this time and beyond.

General Resources

Enhance your communication with people living with dementia

This video presents simple tips, so you can continue having meaningful conversations with people living with dementia.

Click here. 

Shaking things up: virtual dementia care

On June 22, 2021, ONDRI and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario hosted a public talk on virtual dementia care including: a brief literature review, lessons learned from a neurology perspective, Alzheimer Society services, new home & community based research study.

Watch the talk here. 

Dementia Dialogue podcast

The Dementia Dialogue podcast features people with dementia and their care/life partners sharing experiences that may enable their peer listeners to understand and gain insight and strengthen their adaptive skills.

Learn more and listen to episodes here. 

Dementia Connections publications

Dementia Connections regularly publishes original editorial content designed to:

  • reduce stigma,
  • increase public awareness,
  • and improve access to supports and services for families impacted by dementia.

The articles, expert advice and stories shared by Dementia Connections also encourage participation in research and to serve as a resource for the healthcare workforce.

Go here to access their publications.

Dementia Careblazer TV

Dementia Careblazer provides a collection of detailed videos and other resources that help you cope with the challenges of caring for a loved on living with dementia.

Find their YouTube channel here. 

Find their Facebook group here. 

It’s Time to Get Active

These physical activity guidelines designed especially for people living with dementia were developed by the Ontario Brain Institute, and revised in partnership with the DICE Team. Targeted to people living with dementia and their family and friends. 

For handout 
For tips. 

Self-care tips from a dementia care partner

Jill Czuczman, a member of ONDRI’s Patient & Community Advisory Committee, shares her experience, in order to raise awareness about self-care and the important role it plays in leading a healthy lifestyle. Jill is a care partner to her husband who is living with Frontotemporal dementia

Watch the video here. 

The BrainXchange

The brainXchange™ is a network of people dedicated to improving quality of life and supports for persons with, or at risk of, having brain-health needs related to dementia, mental health and neurological conditions related to aging.

Access extensive care partner resources here.

Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) offers free classes

While navigating their way through social distancing, DWP continues to be guided by its mission of bringing seniors out of isolation and fostering connection through dance. To this end, DWP has recently started to offer free live dance classes through Zoom seven days a week.  To sign up or for more details, click here

COVID Specific Resources

Canadian researchers trying to understand what COVDID-19 does to the brain – through online games

A team from Western University, the University of Toronto, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre hope to answer this important question with a massive global study on the impacts of COVID on the brain.

Instead of coming into a lab or a doctor’s office, participants will take part in online games from the comfort of their own homes, to help researchers understand the long-term effects of the virus. Study still recruiting! You can sign up here.

Click here to read a descriptive Toronto Star article.

COVID-19: tips for supporting people with dementia

For people living with dementia, their thinking, learning, and memory are affected, which impacts everyday living. This can be difficult in the best of times, but it can be especially challenging as we navigate life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read this blog from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to learn how to better support those with dementia.

ONDRI COVID-19 pandemic related health system research

ONDRI webinar: Taking care of mind, body and soul in the COVID pandemic

A discussion for people living with or caring for those with cognitive or motor problems from Alzheimer’s disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Frontotemporal dementia, Stroke or Aging. Thank you to all who joined! 

Missed it? You can watch the recorded meeting here.

“Caring for those living with dementia” a CTV COVID-19 feature

Dr. Richard Swartz, ONDRI Co-Lead, speaks to CTV News about how to care for those living with dementia during COVID-19. Watch the full news clip here.

Personal Reflection: what living with Parkinson’s can contribute to a post-COVID19 world

There are Many parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and living with Parkinson’s. ONDRI PCAC member Larry Linton reflects on important lessons to take away from the pandemic here.

ONDRI & Partners COVID-19 Messaging: March 2020

Together with community partners, ONDRI released a statement highlighting some easy things we can do to ensure the health and well-being of our community.  For more details, read our impact story here.

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