ONDRI Stories

The bird’s eye view of neurodegenerative disease

Researchers working in ONDRI’s eye tracking platform have made great strides in finding new biomarkers for neurodegeneration. They have set up a new venture, Dynamiris, to start the process of commercializing their work.

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ONDRI Scholars leveraging learning for continued career success

You’re at an early stage of your career and the world is full of possibilities. You may be particularly interested in certain aspects of both your educational and work experience; or you may not yet be sure what area to hone in on or to specialize in. You want to keep...

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Foundational to ONDRI’s Research: The Patient & Community Advisory Committee

The Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) is a collection of motivated volunteers who embody ONDRI’s cross-disease research: people with lived experience, including care partners; representatives from the charity/advocacy groups of the ONDRI community; associated clinicians; along with ONDRI and Ontario Brain Institute delegates.

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