Comparison of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Metrics in Normal-Appearing White Matter to Cerebrovascular Lesions and Correlation with Cerebrovascular Disease Risk Factors and Severity

October 2022
Journal: International Journal of Biomedical Imaging
Lead Author: Seyyed M H Haddad

All Authors: Seyyed M H Haddad, Christopher J M Scott, Miracle Ozzoude, Courtney Berezuk, Melissa Holmes, Sabrina Adamo, Joel Ramirez, Stephen R Arnott, Nuwan D Nanayakkara, Malcolm Binns, Derek Beaton, Wendy Lou, Kelly Sunderland, Sujeevini Sujanthan, Jane Lawrence, Donna Kwan Bria


This study demonstrated the differences between conventional DTI metrics, FA, MD, AD, and RD, in cerebral vascular lesions and healthy tissue types. Therefore, incorporating DTI to characterize the integrity of the tissue microstructure could help to define the extent and severity of various brain vascular anomalies.