Congratulations to J.B. Orange’s, ONDRI Neuropsychology Co-lead,  MSc student, Shalane Basque, for winning the Best Poster award at this year’s Faculty of Health Sciences, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Program Research Day at Western University.

This is significant and well deserved recognition for the ONDRI neuropsychology assessment team.

The poster showcased her work with the ONDRI neuropsychology platform, specifically the transcription and coding of the language data. Shalane collaborated with Dr. Marie Savundranayagam, and Tara Lewis, a MClSc graduate student in the speech-language pathology program to complete the meticulous, scholarly and award winning poster.

Poster title: The Development and Evaluation of the Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI) Spoken Language Data Quality Assurance Process

Authors: Shalane Basque, Tara Lewis, Angela Roberts, Paula McLauglin, Angie Troyer, Brian Levine, Larry Leach, Alicia Peltch, JB Orange & The ONDRI Investigators