Congratulations to ONDRI co-lead, Dr. Mario Masellis, for coordinating an international study that has been funded through JPND

Nov 17, 2021 | News

The ‘TACKL-PRED (TACKLing the challenges of PREsymptomatic sporadic Dementia)’ study has received €1,086,421 in funding through the Joint Program in Neurodegenerative Disease (JPND) call entitled ‘Linking Pre-Diagnosis Disturbances of Physiological Systems to Neurodegenerative Diseases.’

The study will leverage large, multimodal datasets from participants representing the full spectrum of neurodegenerative dementia as well as those who are at risk of developing dementia.

Cognitive, biomarker, brain imaging and genomic data from several large, deeply-characterized Canadian and European neurodegenerative dementia cohorts will be used to identify data-driven dementia biotypes (instead of clinical diagnoses). These biotypes will then be applied to the Rotterdam Study to see if they predict onset of mixed vs. pure forms of dementia in an ‘at risk’ aging cohort using the same data types.

TACKL-PRED represents a collaboration between Canadian, Dutch, Czech, Italian and Swedish clinical and biomarker researchers.

Cohorts / teams included in this study along with collaborating principal investigators

Canadian neurodegenerative cohorts:

• Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative [ONDRI] (Mario Masellis, Rick Swartz, Doug Munoz)
• Brain Eye Amyloid Memory [BEAM] study (Sandra E. Black)
• COMPrehensive ASSessment of Neurodegeneration and Dementia [COMPASS-ND] (Howard Chertkow)
• Sunnybrook Dementia Study [SDS] (Sandra E. Black, Mario Masellis)

Czech Republic neurodegenerative cohorts:

• Pre-clinical genotype-phenotype predictors of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias [APGEM_MU] (Irena Rektorova)
• prodromal Lewy body diseases cohort [proLBD] (Irena Rektorova)

Italian neurodegenerative cohorts:

• Ca‘ Granda Cohort [CGC] (Andrea Arighi)

Netherlands population-based aging cohort:

Rotterdam Study (Arfan Ikram)

Swedish biomarkers group:

• University of Gothenberg (UGot) laboratory (Hlin Kvartsberg)


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