Letters my Dad will never read – Part 3: 21 years old

Jul 26, 2022 | Blog, The Lived Experience

This is part three of our series featuring letters written by a daughter to her father, who is living with young onset dementia.

This week’s post starts with a short note, the second half of a letter written in early July 2022. This note serves as an introduction to the series and explains, in her own words, why the daughter chose to share her very personal letters publicly. 

Below this we feature  a letter written in late 2018. This was a period of anger and some resentment for the young woman. Why me? Don’t you get it, Dad? The emotions of this moment in her journey are plainly apparent.

July 2022 - part 2

This is the second part of a note written by the young woman, as an introduction to the series of letters published through our blog.

Although this letter is addressed “Dear Dad”, it is also written to the public reading this series.

For ease of reading, the typed content of this letter can be found here. 


October 2018: I don't understand why this is happening

This is the last letter written by the daughter, to her father, as part of a self-care exercise that was prescribed by a therapist.

The pain and frustration in this letter are evidence of the very emotional toll a diagnosis of young onset dementia can take on children, and indeed the entire family, of the person who is living with the condition.  

For ease of reading, the typed content of this letter can be found here. 


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