Feasibility of a continuous, multi‑sensor remote health monitoring approach in persons living with neurodegenerative disease

September 2021
Journal: Journal of Neurology
Lead Author: F. Elizabeth Godkin

All Authors: Elizabeth Godkin, Erin Turner, Youness Demnati, Adam Vert, Angela Roberts, Richard H. Swartz, Paula M. McLaughlin, Kyle S. Weber, Vanessa Thai, Kit B. Beyer, Benjamin Cornish, Agessandro Abrahao, Sandra E. Black, Mario Masellis, Lorne Zinman, Derek Beaton, Malcolm A. Binns, Vivian Chau, Donna Kwan, Andrew Lim, Douglas P. Munoz, Stephen C. Strother, Kelly M. Sunderland, Brian Tan, William E. McIlroy, Karen Van OoteghemRemote health monitoring with wearable sensor technology may positively impact patient self-management and clinical care.

This mixed methods study assessed the feasibility of continuous, multisensor wear in persons with cerebrovascular (CVD) or neurodegenerative disease (NDD).

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