Foundational to ONDRI’s Research: The Patient & Community Advisory Committee

Mar 24, 2021 | Blog, ONDRI Stories

The Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) is a collection of motivated volunteers who embody ONDRI’s cross-disease research: people with lived experience, including care partners; representatives from the charity/advocacy groups of the ONDRI community; associated clinicians; along with ONDRI and Ontario Brain Institute delegates.

ONDRI’s PCAC is critical to every stage of the research and their opinions and contributions help shape ONDRI activities.

For recent examples of PCAC members’ direct involvement in knowledge dissemination:

See Larry (PCAC member) speak about his first ten years living with Parkinson’s Disease at 2021 ONDRI Study Community Engagement Day here.

Watch Shelley (PCAC member) and Dr. Andrew Lim (ONDRI researcher) participate in OBI’s Public Talk “Sleep and Brain Health” here.

Hear Jill (PCAC co-chair) and Dr. Richard Swartz (ONDRI co-lead) featured in the Dementia Dialogue podcast “Changing Roles in Dementia Research: from subjects to participants” here.

Read a quote from Christina Stergiou-Dayment (PCAC co-chair) in OBI’s annual report here.

For more on the PCAC.

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