Genetic variation in the dopamine system is associated with mixed-strategy decision-making in patients with Parkinson’s disease

November 2022
Journal: European Journal of Neuroscience
Lead Author: Ashley C. Parr

All Authors: Ashley C. Parr, Heidi C. Riek, Brian C. Coe, Giovanna Pari, Mario Masellis, Connie Marras, Douglas P. Munoz


Trajectories of health system use and survival for community-dwelling persons with dementia a cohort study

Decision-making during mixed-strategy games requires flexibly adapting choice strategies in response to others’ actions and dynamically tracking outcomes. Such decisions involve diverse cognitive processes, including reinforcement learning, which are affected by disruptions to the striatal dopamine system. We therefore investigated how genetic variation in dopamine function affected mixed-strategy decision-making in Parkinson’s disease (PD), which involves striatal dopamine pathology.