Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)

What is the PCAC?

The Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) is a group of people whose common goal is to improve and contribute to research in neurodegenerative diseases by representing the patient, caregiver and health charity voice. 

  • Patients & caregivers living with a neurodegenerative disease
  • Health charities (e.g., Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Parkinson Canada, Ontario Heart and Stroke, ALS Society Canada)
  • ONDRI collaborators (Ontario Brain Institute and MINT Memory Clinics)
  • ONDRI investigators and project management team
  • Helps translate ONDRI data for:
    • Earlier detection
    • Patient centred treatments
    • Slowing or even preventing neurodegeneration 
  • Plans for future ONDRI research
  • Contributes to new ONDRI protocols & proposals
  • Assists with communication and knowledge translation:
    • Public education and scientific events
  • Advocates to government for health policy change 
  • Links patients, caregivers, charities and the public
  • Do you or your loved one have one of the following neurodegenerative diseases?:
    • Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) /Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
    • Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VCI)
    • Parkinson’s disease (PD)
    • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    • Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)
  • Do you have a keen interest in research?
  • Are you an integrated thinker?
  • Are you results oriented?
  • Would you bring a unique and valuable perspective to neurodegenerative disease research?

For more information or to express interest, please contact:

Stephanie Hetherington


Phone: 416-480-6100 ext. 1620