Recruiting for HANDDS-ONT: a brain health research study taking place in your home and community


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HANDDS-ONT (Health in Aging, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Dementias in Ontario) is technology-driven and focused on you.

We are utilizing the latest remote sensor (wearable), genetic and molecular technologies to pave the future for dementia research and care.

Interested in participating or learning about the HANDDS-ONT study? 

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Joining benefits you – and the scientific community

As a study participant, your time and effort help research studies succeed.

You can benefit from participating by:

  • Receiving personalized health and activity reports to guide you on daily activities that can improve your overall health
  • Helping advance community health and scientific discovery

Once the study is concluded, your feedback will be collected and incorporated into future study design.

Study features

Visit a local laboratory

A blood sample is taken for in-depth analysis

*See below for data privacy details.

For protocol in pictures.

For protocol in video.

Participate in data collection in your home and community

Wearable health & activity sensors are provided for your wear

Health and wellness questionnaires are conducted

*See below for data privacy details.

Receive these benefits from participating

Personalized health & activity reports are shared with you

Impact of reports.

Report testimonials

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Your effort helps advance science & community health

Who is eligible

HANDDS-ONT is studying adults living with a neurodegenerative disease and post stroke.

HANDDS-ONT is also studying adults living independently with no diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease or stroke.

Participants must be Ontario residents.

For clinicians

Your patients are at the centre of our research. Here is a guide that explains HANDDS-ONT in greater depth.

This study is Research Ethics Board (REB) approved and does not require a site REB approval if only informing participants.

Additional contact information

Email: handds@ondri.ca
Call: 437-882-8335
*Note: Your data will be linked to a unique study ID number.  This ID number will keep the information we collect about you anonymous. Your name will never be linked to any study data.
All study data will be securely stored in a database called Brain-CODE, maintained by the Ontario Brain Institute.