HANDDS-ONT Core Study Protocol

The HANDDS-ONT core study includes a series of steps that take place over the course of eight weeks, in the participants’ home and community. The exact order of these steps may vary.

Screening and Informed Consent

It all starts with an introduction and screening. Our aim is to ensure that HANDDS-ONT is a good fit for the participant.

Following a successful screening, participants  review the informed consent with our study coordinator,  to ensure they are aware of everything that is involved with HANDDS-ONT.

Receiving and Reviewing Wearables

Participants receive a package containing three small, wearable sensors. Our study coordinator ensures participants know how to wear the sensors, enabling them to capture data, while minimizing burden.

Wearing Sensors 24/7 for 7-10 Days

Participants are asked to wear the sensors on their chest, wrist and ankle as they go about their day-to-day activities. Our coordinators are available to answer any questions that arise.

Providing Blood Sample

Participants provide a blood sample at a local LifeLabs location.

Completing Questionnaires

Participants complete a cognitive health assessment and a short series of mood and quality of life questionnaires – either on the phone or through video-consult with the coordinator. The questionnaires can be completed through an online link.

Reviewing Personalized Health & Activity Report

Specially designed reports, generated from data collected through the wearables, are sent to participants. These are reviewed with study participants and can be shared with their circle of care.

Providing Feedback

Participants are asked to provide their feedback on the health and activity reports, along with the experience of participating in HANDDS-ONT.

infographic depicting ONDRI's 3 levels of impact with elderly couple in the middle