AIM 1: Mining the GOLD of ONDRI

Identify the most useful markers of disease and dysfunction/function across diseases and to characterize markers of change over time to find predictors of decline (or stability).

ONDRI Data Released to Date


A primary goal of ONDRI is to develop a large and comprehensive set of correlated clinical data and biomarkers that will be made available to the entire scientific community to help accelerate neurodegenerative diseases research. ONDRI data and specimens have been collected in a standardized manner under strict protocols developed by each study platform.

The ONDRI study platforms have been working  hard to clean and curate the data and their hard work is paying off! Almost all of the Core baseline tabular data has been released.

The platforms that have released 100% of Core baseline datasets include:

  • Eye Tracking
  • Genomics
  • Neuropyschology
  • Neuroimaging

To check on the release status of different datasets, please visit our newly enhanced Data Curation Status Dashboard within the Brain-CODE portal. Please contact if you need assistance.


NEW Dashboard Features
  • Data Release status for Baseline, Year 1, and Year 2 data
  • URL links to the LabKey project where Data Releases are available for download
  • Enhanced filter functions to view data releases based on Disease Cohort, Visit, Core Type, Platform, and Data Format Type (Tabular or Non-Tabular)
  • Enhanced Glossary, new FAQ page, and Help contact info

For information on how to access data, please contact Ashley Wilcox at


ONDRI Posters / Abstracts

The topic of the March 2019 Rotman Research Institute Conference was Aging & Brain Health. ONDRI had six posters showcasing our data.

Congratulations to the following scholars for their engaging and stimulating presentations!

The ONDRI Cube