AIM 2: ONDRI@Home 

Develop scalable markers of disease and decline that are feasible for clinical use or for the development of clinical trials-ready cohorts.

ONDRI@Home represents a new platform within ONDRI and is focused on developing, implementing and evaluating assessment and intervention tools to be used outside of the clinic, in the community and at home. The assessment tools would serve to evalut individual risk for and progression of neurodegenerative diseases and to provide a new standard for augmenting diagnostics and evaluating clinical care.

ReMiNDD Feasibility Study 

The Remote Monitoring In NeuroDegenerative Diseases (ReMiNDD) Feasibility Study has been REB approved! This is a six-month pilot project being held at Sunnybrook, with plans to expand across the province to interested sites. The study’s primary objectives are to:

  1. Examine the feasibility and user acceptance of wearable technologies for monitoring sleep, activity, cardiovascular function, and speech outside of the clinic in people with AD/MCI, ALS, FTD, PD, and VCI.
  2. Explore the relationship between measures captured via remote monitoring vs ‘gold standard’ assessments of disease/symptom severity.
  3. Obtain cohort-specific data from ONDRI 1.0 participants to support development of guidelines and grant applications related to remote monitoring in people with NDD.

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