ONDRI Impact Stories

ONDRI Scholars promoting novel scientific discovery

Budding scientists within ONDRI, who make up the ONDRI Scholars group, are bringing the team science spirit to life. They are promoting discoveries that are driven by ONDRI’s cross disease/cross platform design.

Probing the care partner experience in neurodegenerative diseases

Caring for and supporting a loved one with dementia and/or a neurodegenerative disease, is a role that family members or friends often take on. An ONDRI study (currently in pre-press) explores the role of the care partner in more depth and has interesting conclusions.

Open source ONDRI data pipelines adopted for COVID-19 population research

Big data has the potential to help researchers, scientists and society uncover meaningful, novel conclusions that were not possible in the past. But it is complex! ONDRI’s extensive data curation, Quality Analysis and Quality Control methods can help tackle the complexity of large datasets, enabling novel analytical insights. 

Caring for those living with dementia, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases

While trying to maintain a safe distance from others during a pandemic is a good idea, it can lead to unintended consequences, particularly for those living with vulnerability. ONDRI, together with its community partners, devised impactful messaging early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

ONDRI is fostering highly qualified personnel (HQP)

ONDRI is making big impacts on peoples’ careers, whether they be research coordinators, data scientists, physicians, or others looking for exposure to multiple research and clinical disciplines.

Impact in research & care through customized reporting

People participate in clinical research for many reasons, both widely shared and very personal. When participation leads to highly impactful innovations in care, the rewards can be even greater.