Letters my dad will never read – Part 2: 20 years old

Jul 20, 2022 | Blog, The Lived Experience

This is part two of our series featuring letters written by a daughter to her father, who is living with young onset dementia.

The daughter found three letters tucked away in her drawers, and pulled them out.  They reminded her of her earlier days, coming to grips with the impact her father’s diagnosis had on herself and her family.

This letter, written in late 2017, represents a particularly confusing and sad time of reflection in her continuing journey.

October 2017 - avalanche of emotions

This letter reflects a daugher’s thoughts and feelings, a few years after she learns that her father has been diagnosed with young onset dementia. Her words reflect her grief, sadness and attempts to accept who he is today.

For ease of reading, the typed content of this letter can be found here. 


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More to come in this series.