ONDRI’s Research Aims

ONDRI evolves to drive impact

Today, ONDRI’s research is focused on leveraging the high-quality data resulting from its Foundational study, while driving additional research activities that achieve impact in:

  1. Scientific discovery
  2. Individual function, for people with lived experience of studied diseases
  3. The health system

Video: Richard Swartz, MD, PhD, ONDRI co-lead, describes the four Aims and overall mission of ONDRI (Oct. 2020):

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ONDRI’s four aims focus its disease research activities

ONDRI’s four aims represent areas of research focused on collecting, analyzing, and validating data from people living with diseases that can cause cognitive impairment and dementia. ONDRI takes a unique multi-dimensional approach to its research, with a cross-disease, cross-platform perspective that allows new types of questions to be asked.

The goal is to advance dementia research and ultimately improve diagnosis, prognosis, care, and outcomes for people living with neurodegenerative diseases and stroke, and for those who support them.

ONDRI’s four guiding aims: