Aim 3: Validation Through Collaboration

Team science beyond ONDRI

ONDRI research has been designed based on team science principles: cross-disease, cross-platform, bringing together researchers who normally do not work together. These principles extend beyond ONDRI, through Aim 3, in order to more dramatically advance the complex research of neurodegeneration and dementia.

Video: Dr. Mario Masellis, ONDRI co-lead, describing ONDRI’s Aim 3:

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Building bridges with other studies

Aim 3 researchers are focused on validating and replicating ONDRI study findings. This is accomplished by collaborating with other studies, through sharing ONDRI’s de-identified data and accessing other studies’ data. Relevant collaborating studies are those researching similar topics, typically with a different focus.

Examples of relevant studies include:

  • Frailty cohorts
  • Aging cohorts
  • Pre-symptomatic cohorts
  • Other neurodegenerative diseases cohorts

Validation with other studies means that conclusions drawn based on smaller sample sizes can be tested against larger sample sizes. If the same results are seen, this makes conclusions more valid and reliable. This can have positive outcomes for people living these conditions.


Partnering with other studies honours participant contribution

Meaningful research requires significant time and effort from participants. By comparing data and conclusions with similar research studies, ONDRI elevates the quality of its research and honours participants with neurodegenerative diseases and their carers.

Discover some of ONDRI’s partnerships here.

ONDRI in the world

Aim 3 is positioning ONDRI activities in context with other local, national, and international research projects.


Using ‘big data’ methods

ONDRI researchers use novel data analysis methods, complex statistics and algorithms to analyze their extensive data sets and find meaningful relationships and patterns. 

With state-of-the-art methods and high quality data, ONDRI is working in partnership with other research projects to evolve their collective findings on diagnosis & management of neurodegenerative diseases and dementia.

ONDRI’s four guiding aims: