Aim 4: Health System Research 

Widening ONDRI’s lens of research

As the population ages, the number of people living with neurodegenerative disease, stroke and dementia is expected to dramatically rise in Ontario and throughout the world.

The goal of Aim 4 is to analyze Ontario health system records, to inform healthcare policy and planning for the people living with the diseases studied by ONDRI.

Video: Susan Bronskill, PhD, Aim 4 lead, describing ONDRI’s Aim 4:

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Broad health system perspective examining real world data

ONDRI’s Aim 4 is led by expert researchers from ICES (formerly the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences), an independent not-for-profit research institute funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

ICES provides expertise in health services research to inform policy makers and stakeholders. Under Ontario’s privacy legislation, ICES is permitted to collect & store health data for health research purposes. Examples of such data include hospitalizations, emergency department visits, drugs dispensed under the provincial formulary for those age 65+.

The impact of Aim 4 research on the health system

Aim 4 researchers have published findings in diverse areas, with many more studies planned.

Publications to date include:

ONDRI’s four guiding aims: