ONDRI’s Assessment Platforms

What is an assessment platform?

An assessment platform in a clinical research study is a unique network of clinicians, technical experts and other supportive parties who work together to set standards and processes for assessments that will take place during the study. They then work to perform these tasks during the study.

Platforms provide deep, comparable data across diseases

In its Foundational study, ONDRI employed 8 assessment platforms as a way of producing consistent data across its 5 diseases studied. Each disease group followed the same assessment protocols and extensive data were collected for exciting discoveries within and across diseases.

Video: why it’s challenging to study dementia

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Why assessment platforms are needed

Neurodegenerative diseases are difficult to isolate and diagnose, particularly in their early days when treatment may have the greatest impact. Over the years, scientists developed various ways to measure the progression of these diseases by looking at how they affect people physically (e.g. different measures of their eyes) and mentally (e.g. cognitive measures). Despite advances in research, scientists are always searching for ways to improve these measurements and how data are collected and analyzed.

Video: Doug Munoz, PhD, describing ONDRI’s assessment platforms during a scientific meeting

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Adapting to new research approaches

With this systematic cross-disease* approach, ONDRI research is producing deep, rich, comparable data for researchers within ONDRI and for the global scientific community. As the research continues to try to solve the complexities of dementia, new platforms (such as remote patient monitoring) are being added to support new directions outlined in ONDRI’s Aims.

Assessment platforms in ONDRI studies

To provide more information, especially for researchers who would like to collaborate with ONDRI, the chart below highlights the assessment platforms that were utilized in the first two ONDRI studies. More information is to come as new studies are launched.

For details on data collected through each assessment platform, click here.

Types of Data Collected Foundational Study ReMiNDD Study
Eye Tracking
Gait & Balance
Molecular/ Neuropathology           √          (optional)          √          (optional)
Neuroimaging (optional)
Remote Monitoring
Retinal Thickness

Learn more about each of ONDRI’s assessment platforms

Eye Tracking
Neuroinformatics & Biostatics at ONDRI
Neuroinformatics & Biostatistics
Gait (Walking) & Balance
Remote Patient Monitoring
Molecular/ Neuropathology
Retinal Thickness

To ONDRI’s study participants: thank you.

ONDRI researchers would like to thank all study participants to date, along with their care partners, who completed these important ONDRI studies with us. We appreciate the significant time investment and honour their commitment to research.