Gait & Balance Assessment Platform

How this assessment platform benefits ONDRI’s research

Movements, particularly walking and balance, are important indicators of central nervous system health.

Walking and balance tests can assist with early detection of potentially dangerous events, such as falls, and provide a better understanding of disease progression. This knowledge can guide targeted, proactive interventions, such as balance training and the use of walking aids. The goal is to keep people as safe and mobile as possible.

Video: Gait & balance assessment

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ONDRI protocol

Participants engage in a series of walking tests, while wearing one or more sensors that measure the speed and rhythm of their walking. Some of the exercises also assess the challenge of dual tasks, for example speaking and walking at the same time. The same sensors assess balance and strength during specific tasks and transitioning from a chair to standing position.

This assessment was used in the following studies:

For details on data collected through the gait & balance assessment platformclick here.

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