Neuroinformatics & Biostatistics Platform

How NIBS benefits  ONDRI’s research

Neuroinformatics & Biostatistics (NIBS) is the research platform devoted to the review, cleaning and analysis of the data from all ONDRI assessment platforms.

NIBS scientists use computational models and analytical tools to organize and share data in a meaningful way for researchers and clinicians to study. This detailed review and quality check validates recorded information and checks for atypical or missing information. This important scientific process is an integral part of the data collection and sharing process.

Video: The neuroinformatics & biostatistics assessment

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More on NIBS and data

The data collected are stored in the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI)’s secure database called Brain-CODE.

Data quality is a high priority for ONDRI. The ONDRI NIBS team is highly specialized. The team focuses on developing standardized methods to achieve high quality data across complex assessments and neurodegenerative disease groups.

NIBS also works to uphold OBI’s commitment to data privacy and participant confidentiality. All participant data are de-identified before being released to the larger research community.

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