Neuropsychology Assessment Platform

How this assessment platform¬†benefits ONDRI’s research

Neuropsychology tests are designed to assess areas of cognitive function such as memory, attention and language, and track changes over time. Researchers can then look at the patterns of cognitive functioning scores across disease groups, to further their basic understanding of the diseases studied. This work can ultimately help with earlier diagnosis.

Video: The neuropsychology assessment

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ONDRI protocol

In ONDRI’s Foundational study protocol, participants completed an extensive series of paper-and-pencil and computer-based tasks that provided measures of memory, attention, processing speed, visual perceptual skills, speech and language, reasoning, and mental flexibility. These measures were taken in study clinic settings.

Looking forward to the home and community setting, the ONDRI Neuropsychology Platform is exploring different models of remote assessment tools that maximize accessibility by minimizing the need for in-person testing.

This assessment was used in the following studies:

For details on data collected through the neuropsychology assessment platform, click here.

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