Remote Monitoring Assessment Platform

How this assessment platform benefits ONDRI’s research

Remote (patient) monitoring refers to the practice of using the latest advances in information technology & tools, to gather a participating patient’s data, outside of traditional healthcare settings. The focus of RPM is on bridging the collection of key measures guiding health care from clinics or hospitals to the home and community.

The benefit of remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is rapidly evolving in healthcare research for many reasons, including the fact that studying people in their homes and communities is a more realistic environment than in the clinic. It also has the potential to improve accessibility and reduce burden on the participant who does not have to change his/her day to day activities. RPM includes the use of computer tablets, computers and wearable technologies, among other approaches.

Sensors that are small and easy to wear can provide a safe way to collect measures such as heart function, sleep, activity, walking and speech, just to name a few.

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Confidentiality and privacy are ongoing priorities and a focus for ONDRI. These are important considerations in selecting technology utilized in the research. For more on privacy at ONDRI click here.

This assessment was used in the following studies:

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New ONDRI studies through Aim 2 will continue to utilize RPM technologies.

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