ONDRI Software

Open source materials, tools and software

From the beginning, ONDRI researchers put tremendous emphasis on data quality. They employed extensive, innovative quality assurance & quality control processes & tools, to ensure that ONDRI data would be of highest quality.

This collection of materials, tools and software is unique to ONDRI, and has been curated by the Neuroinformatics & Biostatistics (NIBS) team. It is being shared with the scientific community, in an open source manner, through github. 

Neuroinformatics tools through OBI

ONDRI is one of six Integrated Discovery Programs supported through the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI). OBI is committed to the advancement of neuroscience and supports researchers to maximize the impact of their work with tools such as Brain-CODE.

Brain-CODE is OBI’s secure neuroinformatics platform for data management, sharing and analysis. OBI’s Brain-CODE is a “shared brain” for researchers in Ontario and beyond.