OBI’s neuroinformatics platform

Ontario Brain Institute (OBI)’s state-of-the-art database is designed to store, manage, and enable analysis of the many different types of data collected by more than 160 researchers at over 20 institutions across Ontario.

OBI is committed to the advancement of neuroscience and will support researchers to maximize the impact of their work with tools such as Brain-CODE.

What does Brain-CODE offer?

  • Private and secure: All research participants are protected by a strong data governance framework, removal of data identifiers, and strong firewalls.
  • Open and collaborative: Researchers worldwide can access data and post requests for data available online.
  • Interdisciplinary and Integrated: Various types of data are collected across brain disorders for easy analysis.
  • Patient centred: Data Access Committee includes members from the community to ensure the public voice is heard.
  • Impactful: Data Access Request Committee review includes questions about research impact before allowing access to data.
  • Standardized: Allowing an apples-to-apples comparison of datasets within and between brain disorders.

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