Last year, the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) recognized the need to update its informatics governance policies to clarify governance processes particularly relevant for data sharing purposes. In October 2015, OBI invited the Integrated Discovery Programs to nominate two investigators from each program to review and provide feedback on the revised draft of the Informatics Governance Policies. OBI appreciates the collaborative effort and valuable feedback provided by each IDP representative and believes that through this process, an improved governance framework has been established that strives to ensure the success of IDP researchers via excellence in data management, data sharing, and informatics support.

The following list provides a brief overview of some of the notable modifications made to our governance:

  • Updates to the DAC membership and responsibilities
  • Addition of the new Analytics Advisory Committee
  • Data exclusivity and disclosure processes
  • Clarifications on data sharing with federation partners
  • Updated processes related to data acknowledgement
  • Openness related to governance revisions
  • Additional definitions
  • Structural format (multiple documents to a single document)

The new OBI Informatics Governance Policies (version 2.0) are now online and in effect.

Thank you to all those involved in this process for their efforts and expertise. OBI believes that its new Governance Policies will work to ensure our governance framework harmonizes researcher success with OBI’s vision for improved brain health.