ONDRI 2018 - 2023

In the second phase of the Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI) we are focused on maximizing the foundation of deep endophenotyping built between 2013-2018 in a culture of collaboration across diseases, platforms and institutions. ONDRI is focused on moving towards discoveries that will directly help people at risk of neurodegenerative diseases and those living with the impact of neurodegerative diseases on their lives or their loved ones, which we hope to achieve through our four aims.


AIM 1:

Identify the most useful markers of disease and dysfunction/function across diseases and to characterize markers of change over time to find predictors of decline (or stability).

AIM 2:

Develop scalable markers of disease and decline that are feasible for clinical use or for the development of clinical trials-ready cohorts.

AIM 3:

Validate existing and new markers developed in AIMS 1-2 in other disease-based cohorts, and explore their prevalence and predictive utility within established early disease and pre-symptomatic cohorts.

AIM 4:

Catalyze health services research, system evaluation, knowledge translation and system interventions to improve the health and well-being of Ontarians with neurodegenerative disease.