Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI): Structural MRI Methods and Outcome Measures

August 2020 
Journal: Frontiers in Neurology
Lead Author: Joel Ramirez

All Authors: Joel Ramirez, Melissa F. Holmes, Christopher J.M. Scott, Miracle Ozzoude, Sabrina Adamo, Gregory M. Szilagyi, Maged Goubran, Faqiang Gao, Stephen R. Arnott, Jane M. Lawrence-Dewar, Derek Beaton, Stephen C. Strother, Douglas P. Munoz, Mario Masellis, Richard H. Swartz, Robert Bartha, Sean Symons, Sandra E. Black and the ONDRI investigators

This paper documents how brain loss (due to neurodegeneration) and brain lesions (due to stroke and cerebrovascular disease) are measured from the patient’s MRI scans in ONDRI.