Parkinson’s Disease, NOTCH3 Genetic Variants, and White Matter Hyperintensities

June 2020 
Journal: Movement Disorders
Lead Authors: Joel Ramirez and Allison A. Dilliott

All Authors: Joel Ramirez, Allison A. Dilliott, Malcolm A. Binns, David P, Breen, Emily C. Evans, Derek Beaton, Paula M. McLaughlin, Donna Kwan, Melissa Holmes, Miracle Ozzoude, Christopher J.M. Scott, Stephen Strother, Sean Symons, Richard H. Swartz, David Grimes, Mandar Jog, Mario Masellis, Sandra E. Black, Anne Joutel, Connie Marras, Ekaterina Rogaeva, Robert A. Hegele, Anthony E. Lang

This novel research that examined MRI from Parkinson’s disease patients, found that brain lesions from damage to small blood vessels may be due to rare changes within the NOTCH3 gene

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