AIM 1: Mining the GOLD of ONDRI

Dr. Doug Munoz


Dr. Stephen Arnott

Dr. Andrew Lim

Dr. Bill McIlroy

Dr. Paula McLaughlin

Dr. Jed Meltzer

Dr. Doug Munoz

Dr. Angela Roberts

Dr. Stephen Strother

Dr. Richard Swartz

Dr. Karen Van Ooteghem

AIM 3: Validation Through Collaboration

Alisia Bonnick, Vascular Cognitive Impairment

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Alisia is a research coordinator in Dr. Richard Swartz’s lab with an educational background in Psychology, Data Analytics, and Predictive Analysis. She has played many roles in the context of ONDRI, ranging from coordinating patients to curating data, and is interested in the interplay between scientific research and clinically practical tools that can systematically impact/improve healthcare.

Allison A. Dilliott, Genomics

Western University

Allison is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biochemistry at Western University under the supervision of Dr. Rob Hegele. She began working with the genomics platform of ONDRI as an undergraduate student and continued with the study into her graduate career. Allison’s research investigates the genetic determinants of neurodegenerative diseases and their contribution to overlapping features of disease using the custom-designed, next-generation sequencing panel, ONDRISeq.

Asiman Datye, Neuroinformatics

Baycrest Health Sciences

A self-driven Chemical Engineering graduate currently pursuing a masters degree in Biostatistics at the University of Toronto. Passionate about data-driven decision making for commercial and research uses. 2 years of experience in diverse fields like clinical statistics, business consulting and tissue engineering.


Carina L. Fan, Neuropsychology

Baycrest Hospital

Carina is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, supervised by Dr. Brian Levine at Baycrest. Her research focuses broadly on examining individual differences in autobiographical memory and how they relate to aging and other cognitive abilities such learning, decision making, and imagery.

Daniel Harris, Pharmacoepidemiology

Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Daniel is a second year PhD student in the Division of Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. After completing a master of public health at Brown University, Daniel came to Toronto to pursue doctoral research related to patterns of medication use among older adults living in long-term care. Supported by a Alzheimer Society of Canada Doctoral Fellowship, Daniel’s research will examine how antipsychotic and other sedating medications are prescribed for older adults with dementia, and whether different prescribing patterns (e.g., drug switching) have implications for health outcomes, such as falls

David P. Breen, Parkinson’s Disease

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Breen is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Wellcome Trust. He completed neurology and research training in Cambridge and London (UK), before moving to Toronto as an Edmond J. Safra Movement Disorders Fellow under the mentorship of Prof. Tony Lang. He returned to Edinburgh in 2018, where he specializes in the assessment and treatment of people with all types of movement disorders. He is particularly interested in Parkinson’s disease: his research focuses on identifying genetic and environmental risk factors for this condition. He is particularly interested in the influence of sleep and circadian disruption on brain health. He is a Lead Clinical Investigator for the Dundee-Edinburgh Parkinson’s Research Initiative.

Derek Beaton, Neuroinformatics and Biostatitics

Baycrest Hospital

Derek is an ONDRI scholar and postdoctoral fellow at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences under the supervision of Stephen Strother. Derek is part of neuroinformatics and biostatistics platform within ONDRI. Derek has an MS and a PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a BS and a MS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Derek’s research focus is on developing and applying multivariate techniques for complex, mixed, and multi-domain or multi-source data, which help uncover gene-brain-behavior relationships in the neurodegenerative disorders.

Frederico Pieruccini-Faria, Gait and Balance

Western University

Dr. Pieruccini-Faria has a major in Physical Education, Master’s degree in Kinesiology, and PhD in Psychology (cognitive neuroscience). Currently, he works as Postdoctoral Associate at Western University, Canada. Over the last 10 years he has investigated the intertwined relationship between complex gait situations, cognition, and risk of falls. As an ONDRI scholar he is focusing on understanding associations between gait and cognitive performances, as well as the underlying mechanisms of such associations, across neurodegenerative diseases. His ultimate research goal in ONDRI is to investigate whether gait can be used as a common marker of progression of pathology in neurodegenerative diseases.

Heidi Riek, Eye Tracking

Queen’s University

Heidi is a doctoral student in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University under the supervision of Dr. Doug Munoz. Her work investigates alterations of saccadic eye movement behaviour in neurodegenerative disease as well as potential links of this behaviour to common genetic polymorphisms, clinical and neuropsychological assessments.

Jeff Huang, Eye Tracking

Queen’s University

Jeff Huang is a doctoral student in neuroscience at Queen’s University studying under Dr. Doug Munoz. His research focus on investigating the use of pupillometry in probing changes in cognitive function in natural aging and neurological disorders.



Jessy Parokaran Varghese, Gait and Balance

University of Waterloo

Dr. Jessy Parokaran Varghese is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, working with Dr. Bill McIlroy. Dr. Varghese has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and PhD in Kinesiology (Neuroscience). Her research focuses on understanding the role of the cerebral cortex in human bipedal balance control. In her postdoctoral research, she works with the gait and balance platform team investigating how static balance control is affected by neurodegenerative diseases and whether measures of static posturography can be used as a potential biomarker to predict the disease severity and progression.

Joel Ramirez, Neuroimaging

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Ramirez is a Senior Research Associate with the L.C. Campbell Cognitive Neurology Research Unit at the Sunnybrook Research Institute’s Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program and the University of Toronto. He has developed, taught, and supervised the application of a comprehensive MRI-based neuroimaging volumetric extraction pipeline, called SABRE-Lesion Explorer, which is currently being implemented in ONDRI and in a number of on-going clinical trials examining neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. His research focuses on the use of neuroimaging techniques to examine the overlap and interaction between cerebral small vessel disease, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.


Keera Fishman, Neuropsychology

University of Ottawa

Keera Fishman is currently completing the fourth year of her MA-PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa, with an interest in pursuing a career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. Keera began her graduate studies in 2015 in the Cognition and Anxiety Studies Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Ashbaugh. Keera has enjoyed working in diverse clinical research laboratories, ranging from social psychology to behavioural neuroscience. Her doctoral dissertation involves exploring the impact of apathy on memory and executive function after stroke. She is collaborating with the Neuropsychology, Parkinson’s disease, and Neuroinformatics platforms this summer as part of a research-based practicum placement with ONDRI.

Kelly M. Sunderland, Neuroinformatics and Biostatistics

Baycrest Hospital

Kelly is a Research Biostatistician at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest. She is interested in exploring multivariate statistical approaches to uncover complex patterns in data, and using effective visualizations to communicate results. As a member of the Neuroinformatics and Biostatistics (NIBS) platform, she has contributed to the development and execution of the Standards & Outliers process, a quality control approach for all ONDRI data.

Miracle Ozzoude, Neuroimaging

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Miracle is a Neuroimaging Analyst with the L.C. Campbell Cognitive Neurology Research Unit at the Sunnybrook Research Institute. He is proficient in structural and functional neuroimaging pipelines. His research focuses on examining the association between changes in social cognition and white matter abnormalities in neurodegenerative diseases as well as the use of neuroimaging and neuropsychological techniques to investigate the interaction between traumatic brain injury, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases.


Paula Favaro Polastri, Gait and Balance

University of Waterloo

Dr. Paula Favaro Polastri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Education in Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) and coordinator of the Laboratory of Information, Vision and Action at UNESP, Brazil. She has a major in Physical Education, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Movement Sciences. Currently, Dr. Polastri is a Visiting Research Scientist in the Department of Kinesiology at University of Waterloo, working with Dr. Bill McIlroy. Her research focuses on multisensory integration in postural control. She works in the gait and balance platform focusing on identifying accurate biomarkers for early detection of neurodegenerative diseases and their progression. Her ultimate research goal in ONDRI is to determine the potential utility of using measures of static balance control as a biomarker of neurodegenerative disease severity and progression.

Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Haddad, Neuroimaging

Robarts Research Institute

Dr. Haddad received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering-Communications from Tehran Polytechnic (Amirkabir University of Technology) in 2002 and M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering-Communications from the University of Tehran in 2005. He has held a faculty position in the Department of Electrical Engineering in Shahabdanesh Institute of Higher Education until 2011. He received his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of  Western Ontario in 2016. Dr. Haddad currently is an ONDRI Scholar and a Research Associate at the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping (CFMM) at Robarts Research Institute. His major focus with ONDRI is processing diffusion-weighted images of diverse ONDRI cohorts.

Ying Chen, ONDRI Scholar, Eye Tracking

Queen’s University

Dr. Ying Chen is a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University working with Dr. Doug Munoz. She completed her PhD in the field of functional magnetic resonance imaging and sensorimotor control from York University. She obtained clinical experience as a neurologist in China. Her research focuses on identifying biomarkers for speed of processing deficits in neurodegenerative diseases as well as investigating the deteriorated neural circuitry for saccade control by combining eye tracking data with data from other platforms within Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI).


Ashley Wilcox, Program Coordinator

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Donna Kwan, Clinical Platform Lead

Queen’s University

Dr. Donna Kwan is the Clinical Platform Lead for ONDRI. She completed her MA and PhD in clinical neuropychology at York University, and completed her predoctoral clinical internship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. During her PhD studies, she completed practicums at Baycrest Health Sciences, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Heather Hink, Clinical Research Manager

Queen’s University

Heather has been involved in all aspects of clinical trials since 1996, with experience primarily in neurology (stroke) and cardiology research. Prior to joining ONDRI, Heather owned “Clinitrials” a successful research coordinating business. She spent many years working in emergency and the intensive care unit, holds a Certificate in Hospital Administration and is a registered nurse and Certified Clinical Research Coordinator with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

Natalie Rashkovan, Program Manager

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sean Lucas, Financial Officer

Queen’s University

Sean coordinates financial management and timely and accurate financial reporting at each of the hospital sites enrolling participants within Ontario. He has over 25 years of experience working as an accountant including eight years as a Controller.


Stephanie Hetherington, Communications and Knowledge Translation

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

FOUND Steering Committee

Founding Authors

Founding authors definition: Individuals who made a significant initial, as well as ongoing, contribution to the original protocol design through writing, review and workshop attendance; acting as Disease Theme or Platform Leads/Co-leads; and/or members of the Executive Committee.

These individuals will be collectively listed on all ONDRI publications as the “ONDRI Investigators.”

ONDRI Founding Authors: 

Robert Bartha, Sandra E. Black, Michael Borrie, Dale Corbett, Elizabeth Finger, Morris Freedman, Barry Greenberg, David A. Grimes, Robert A. Hegele, Chris Hudson, Anthony E. Lang, Mario Masellis, William E. McIlroy, Paula M. McLaughlin, Manuel Montero-Odasso, David G. Munoz, Douglas P. Munoz, J.B. Orange, Michael J. Strong, Stephen C. Strother, Richard H. Swartz,Sean Symons, Maria Carmela Tartaglia, Angela Troyer and Lorne Zinman.

Patient and Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)

Lisa Droppo, ALS Society of Canada, Committee Chair
Lorena Araujo, Parkinson Canada
Stephanie Hetherington, ONDRI
Heather Hink, ONDRI
Hugh Johnston, Parkinson’s Advocate
Brenda Laurin, Health Quality Ontario Co-Chair
Dr. Linda Lee, Primary Care Collaborative Memory Clinics
Patrice Lindsay, Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation
Natalie Rashkovan, ONDRI
Carla Southward, OBI
Christina Stergiou, Alzheimer Society of Canada
Rick Swartz, ONDRI Co-Lead
Carmela Tartaglia, ONDRI
Ashley Wilcox, ONDRI



Publication Committee

Dr. Michael Borrie
Ying Chen
Dr. Jane Lawrence Dewar
Dr. Donna Kwan
Dr. Mario Masellis, Committee Chair
Dr. Paula McLaughlin
Joel Ramirez
Natalie Rashkovan
Dr. Sean Symons
Dr. Carmela Tartaglia
Ashley Wilcox
Dr. Lorne Zinman