Sex Differences in Antipsychotic and Benzodiazepine Prescribing Patterns: A Cohort Study of Newly Admitted Nursing Home Residents with Dementia in Ontario, Canada

September 2020 
Journal: Drugs and Aging
Lead Author: Laura C. Maclagan

All Authors:
Laura C. Maclagan, Colleen J. Maxwell, Daniel A. Harris, Michael A. Campitelli, Christina Diong, Kate L. Lapane, David B. Hogan, Paula Rochon, Nathan Herrmann & Susan E. Bronskill

In nursing homes, residents with dementia frequently receive potentially inappropriate medications that are associated with an increased risk of adverse events. Despite known sex differences in clinical presentation and sociodemographic characteristics among persons with dementia, few studies have examined sex differences in patterns and predictors of potentially inappropriate medication use.