ONDRI Leadership

A collaborative team of passionate individuals

ONDRI represents a collaboration of scientists, researchers, clinicians and others working together in multiple settings and specialties to make important discoveries in neurodegeneration, stroke & dementia diagnosis and care.


Douglas P. Munoz

Dr. Mario Masellis headshot

Mario Masellis

Dr. Richard Swartz headshot

Richard H. Swartz

ONDRI executive committees

Since the beginning, ONDRI has been led by an Executive Committee of stakeholders who regularly provide feedback and guide its activities.

2013-2018 (ONDRI 1.0)

Sandra E. Black

Dale Corbett

Barry Greenberg

David Grimes

Robert A. Hegele

Peter Kleinstiver

Anthony E. Lang

Sibel Naska (OBI)

Michael Strong

Donald T. Stuss (OBI)

Richard H. Swartz

2018-2023 (ONDRI 2.0)

Malcolm Binns

Sandra E. Black

Susan E. Bronskill

Jill Czuczman

Lisa Droppo

Robert A. Hegele

Anthony E. Lang

Mario Masellis

Bill McIlroy

Paula M. McLaughlin

Tom Mikkelsen (OBI)

Douglas P. Munoz

Sibel Naska (OBI)

Angela C. Roberts

Christina Stergiou-Dayment

Stephen C. Strother

Richard H. Swartz

Program management team


On a day-to-day basis, for administrative, financial, coordination and communication purposes, ONDRI is managed by a small team of people.

ONDRI’s Program Management Team 2022

Heather Hink

Clinical Coordinator

Ruth Kruger

Strategist – Knowledge Translation, Stakeholder Relations

Natalie Rashkovan

Program Manager

Ashley Wilcox

Program Coordinator