ONDRI Partners

Team Science at ONDRI

ONDRI follows the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) model: bringing researchers, clinicians, technical specialists and others together to drive discovery in neurodegenerative disease, stroke and dementia research, while considering implications for clinical care, self-care, care partner support and health system-wide impacts. It takes a team internally and externally to deliver on this vision. 

Integrated Discovery Program at OBI

ONDRI is one of six Integrated Discovery Programs, which make up OBI. These programs take a unique approach to research that spans many disciplines and brings together a diverse group of stakeholders interested in solving the complexity of the brain disorders targeted.

Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)

ONDRI fundamentally relies on the involvement and guidance of its (PCAC). This group of committed individuals, made up of both those with lived experience and those who work in advocacy positions, provides counsel to ONDRI on several fronts. With many diverse perspectives, and cross-disease representation, the PCAC has helped ONDRI carve out a unique, collective voice within the larger brain research community. ONDRI owes a debt of gratitude to its partnering community groups.

Other ONDRI collaborators

Over the years, ONDRI has developed many strong collaborations with other research organizations, educational institutions, medical technology companies and others. ONDRI would like to thank these collaborators for their contributions to ONDRI’s research.