The ONDRISeq panel: custom-designed next-generation sequencing of genes related to neurodegeneration

September 2016 
Journal: npj Genomic Medicine
Lead Author: Sali M K Farhan

All Authors: Sali MK Farhan, Allison A Dilliott, Mahdi Ghani, Christine Sato, Eric Liang, Ming Zhang , Adam D McIntyre , Henian Cao , Lemuel Racacho, John F Robinson , ONDRI Investigators, Michael J Strong, Mario Masellis, Peter St George-Hyslop, Dennis E Bulman, Ekaterina Rogaeva and Robert A Hegele

The ONDRI Genomics subgroup is investigating the genetic basis of neurodegeneration. They have developed a customized genetic sequencing tool that targets 80 genes known to be associated with neurodegeneration in DNA that was isolated from participants’ blood samples. This publication outlines how the ONDRISeq panel was designed and its advantages.