Congratulations to the ONDRI team at Toronto Western Hospital for nearly reaching their recruitment goal and retaining all their participants. As of the end of March, they had recruited 81 per cent of their required participants, and are well on their way to reach their goal.

A big thank you to the research coordinators and support teams that play a critical role in keeping ONDRI running smoothly on a daily basis. Some of them are pictured here from left to right: Puja Bhakta, Jana Huang, Pratika Bandari, Behnaz Ghazanfari, and Holly Yim.

They took the time to share their secrets to success.

What are the keys to successful recruitment, retaining participants, and keeping participants engaged
Our team has a unique approach to conducting this multi-faceted and complex study. Teamwork and building rapport with participants through strong communication are very important. Each disease theme coordinator is supported by two additional team members who are designated to administer neuropsychology, eye tracking and gait assessments. This style of coordination allows for flexible and smooth coordination of assessments.

Our participants have expressed appreciation for our organization, efficiency and respecting their time and commitment. We strive to keep participants engaged by building rapport and talking about their interests and hobbies (pets, biking, travel, exchanging recipes, etc.)

How does your team stay organized and meet your goals while working with such a complex project?
We meet regularly to discuss recruitment, scheduling and study progress for all the disease themes and this allows us to learn from each other. We also use a shared enrollment log and calendar to track timelines and coordinate assessments.

Why is working with ONDRI important to you?
We enjoy learning about the different diseases and how various factors such as age, education and gender play a role in the participants experience. We’re proud to contribute to ONDRI, which is paving the way to find answers to diagnosis and treatment for these debilitating conditions.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Getting to know the participants and working with our awesome Toronto Western ONDRI team. It’s the simple conversations that we have with participants that make us smile. For example, Jana was talking to one of our participants about cats and they realized that they both have a Turkish Van cat. The next time the participant came to the clinic, they compared photos.